Artifficial Intelligence and Robotics

Contacto entre Humano y robot .

Computational Intelligence and Robotics

This line of research promotes the development of theoretical and practical aspects of Computational Intelligence methods, such as neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation and image processing, oriented to Electrical Engineering and related areas, as well as Robotics, a discipline that encompasses the design, construction and control of autonomous machines capable of making their own decisions. Both disciplines are related in that the perceptual, motor and high-level control systems of robots are designed using computational intelligence techniques.

Among the main research projects are: design and construction of social robots and humanoid robots, development of autonomous vehicles, human-computer and human-robot interfaces, biometric identification systems, video surveillance systems, biomedical signal processing and astronomical time series analysis.

Académicos Responsables

Claudio Perez

Claudio Pérez

Ph.D., Ohio State University, United States.

Javier Ruiz

Javier Ruiz del Solar

Dr. Ingeniería. Technische Universität Berlin, Alemania.

Martin Adams

Martin Adams

Ph.D. Oxford University, U.K.

Pablo Estevez

Pablo Estévez

Dr. Ing. University of Tokyo, Japón.