Dual University PhD Program with Nottingham University

Universidad de Nottingham

Double Degree Doctorate in Electrical Engineering University of Nottingham - University of Chile

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The program allows to obtain the degree of Doctor in Electrical Engineering awarded by both institutions. One of the main goals is for students to conduct frontier research at both universities.


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Profesor Roberto Cárdenas



Profesor Patrick Wheeler


Once accepted, applicants must enroll, for no more than three years, as full-time students in the Doctorate programs of the U. Chile and U. Nottingham, with the aim of obtaining the degree of Doctor in Electrical Engineering delivered by both institutions.

One of the main objectives is for students to carry out frontier research at both universities, with a minimum of one year of permanence in each of them. For this purpose, students will be assigned a doctoral project which will be supervised jointly by academics from both universities.


To join this double-degree doctoral program, applicants must pass the qualification examination of the U. Nottingham or the U. Chile, in addition to undergoing the review and approval of the applicant's background by the committee graduate or equivalent at the partner university. Additionally, in order to comply with the immigration requirements of the United Kingdom, the students of the University of Chile must prove proficiency in the English language before traveling to England.


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