Comité Técnico Docente (CTD)

Technical Faculty Committee (TFC)

The Technical Teaching Committee (CTD) of the Departament of Electrical Engineering is elected by the Head of Teaching and is in charge of periodically reviewing the graduate profile and academic curriculum of the Civil Electrical Engineering program, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of teaching activities in general.

Ensure curricular coherence from the continuous review of the graduate profile, in terms of its content and suitability for the world of work, to the revision of the curriculum to ensure the achievement of the graduate profile.

Ensure the relationship between the competencies stated in the graduation profiles (generic and specific) and the curricular activities, stated in the course syllabi and carried out in class.

Maintain updated versions of course syllabi, including their requirements, consistent with the curricular modifications made.

Detect needs (using, for example, global results of the teaching survey or interviews with students, graduates or other academics of the department) and promote instances of teaching habilitation.

Articulate their needs with the support instances of the school and faculty.

Promote educational research in its disciplinary area. Currently there are publications of international prestige in the field of educational research, particularly in engineering education.

To support the work of the teaching coordinators in curricular topics.

Integrantes CTD

Claudia Rahmann

Claudia Rahmann


Pablo Estevez

Pablo Estévez

Full Professor

Sandra Cespedes

Sandra Céspedes

Full Professor

Álvaro Silva

Expert Professor

Andres Caba

Andrés Caba

Haed of Teaching

Jorge Silva

Jorge Silva

Full Professor